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The first boat we built in China

It’s 3 years ago now that by coincidence I found an old schoolmate back in Shanghai. We went to the Terschelling Maritime College in The Netherlands together in the early 80’s. My friend had built FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) boats … Continue reading

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Marine Engineering

Having sailed as a marine engineer myself, I am naturally interested in everything I can find about this topic. This morning I was looking for some materials to help me explain the different marine rudder types to my staff. A … Continue reading

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Horror harvest.

Every now and then the real face of this ‘harmonious society’ is being exposed. Like in this article from the South China Morning Post. Clutching a grimy tote bag filled with legal documents and photos of her executed son, Meng … Continue reading

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Chinese driving rules

Turn signals will give away your next move. A real Chinese driver never uses them. Under no circumstances should you leave a safe distance between you and the car in front of you, or the space will be filled in … Continue reading

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Chinglish (1), a few very funny ones.

They tell us this is going to disappear. But for the time being, there are still plenty of these little gems to be found here. 1. In a Beijing hotel lobby: “The lift is being fixed for next day. During … Continue reading

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Too long in China?

You know you have been in China too long if… 01). The footprints on the toilet seat are your own. 02). You no longer wait in line, but go immediately to the head of the queue. 03). You stop at … Continue reading

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Zhoushan Islands

Why not start this blog with a post about islands? After all, I spent most of my adult life on islands. Two weeks ago I was on the Zhoushan islands for business. In Shenjiamen in the Putuo district to be … Continue reading

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