I traveled to Nantong in Jiangsu province today, together with 2 colleagues from work. We visited customers at two shipyards, Nantong Tongde and Nantong Hantong shipyard. Both yards have many new projects for the offshore industry, like pipe laying vessels, accomodation barges, and anchor handling tugs.

The trip from Shanghai takes about 4 hours by car, including the ferry crossing of the Yangtze river. Because we still have a few visits tomorrow, we decided to stay the night in the Huatong Hotel in Nantong. The price list for the convenience items has some remarkable descriptions on it. None of the items could be found in the room by the way. Bummer, because I forgot to bring my own ‘Shave must knife’ this trip, and RMB 10.00 seems like a bargain.



About Stranded Mariner

Marine Engineer and passionate sailor and cruiser, working in the marine business in China.
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2 Responses to Nantong

  1. MyLaowai says:

    Kiss its treasure man’s appropriation, TEN kuai? You must be joking! I’ve never had to pay more than 8 kuai, ever! What a rip-off! And as for an According to cloud, I’m just not going to pay 12 kuai for that. It’s an insult even to ask!

    Mind you, the Convenient was reasonably priced at just 6 kuai, less than most places.

  2. Stranded Mariner says:

    The Convenient at 6 kuai is a bargain compared to the Slut at Sing$ 6.25 in the Raffles Hotel. That’s for sure.

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