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China’s boom too good to last.

I have been saying this for years. The trees will not continue to grow into the sky. China will eventually price itself out of the market. It happened before with ‘cheap labour’ countries, and it will happen again. This article … Continue reading

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Would you fly with this airline?

According to the General Administration of Civil Aviation in China (CAAC), less than 10% of Chinese pilots have a sufficient knowledge of the English language to meet minimum international aviation standards. This is leading, on an almost daily basis, to … Continue reading

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The Lowest Bidder

This is what I sometimes quote to my customers, and what I keep telling my sales staff. A friend of mine had this actually printed on the back of his business card: THE LOWEST BIDDER It’s unwise to pay too … Continue reading

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The Battle of Trafalgar – updated

What if the Battle of Trafalgar would have to take place in modern times? Just before the Battle of Trafalgar – a conversation is overheard on the deck of HMS Victory; Nelson: “Order the signal, Hardy.” Hardy: “Aye, aye sir.” … Continue reading

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Virgin on the Ridiculous

Over at MyLaowai’s blog a post that deals with the medical ‘advice’ given to pregnant women in China. I laughed my ass off as I recognized most of it, and it reminded me of the time that Mrs. Mariner was … Continue reading

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English names

What are some of the peeps thinking here in China when they adopt an English name? Some of the Chinese first names are funny enough if you translate them, with ‘Love the Army’, ‘Little Cow’, and ‘Small Three’ being no … Continue reading

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Chinglish (4)

I came upon a blog called ‘Adrift in a sea of phlegm’ by Keir (I don’t know what is worse actually, being adrift here or being stranded). Keir calls a spade a spade, and I like the pictures and link … Continue reading

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Lamma Island

Every now and then I am traveling to Hong Kong. I have to see my eye doctor regularly, I still do all my banking there, and it’s a great place to shop. Besides I have some good friends there, and … Continue reading

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