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From a good friend

From a good friend of mine, who was driven out of his country by yet another fascist regime. An Englishman, a Frenchman and a World Bank Economist are viewing a painting of Adam and Eve frolicking in the Garden of … Continue reading

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A change comes over Hong Kong

Loretta Tofani is a former Inquirer reporter writing a series of articles on factory workers in China with a grant from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. The articles will be published in The Inquirer. From her is the following … Continue reading

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Chinese arrogance.

A friend of mine sent me this email, which does not need any comment: Just a warning about the Internet and China …… Our website was shutdown by China Telecom as ordered by the Chinese government until we signed a … Continue reading

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Seeing Yellow: call your printer’s manufacturer and ask why they spy on you

With thanks to MyLaowai for the heads-up: We’ve known that our printers are spying on us, ever since the Electronic Frontier Foundation cracked the secret codes in the output of color laser printers. These hidden codes — apparently placed at … Continue reading

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The Shanghai Expo 2010 Logo

The logo for the Expo 2010 in Shanghai most of us have seen many times already. What I never could figure out is what it is supposed to symbolize. I can figure out the numbers for the year 2010 with … Continue reading

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China’s Environment

‘A picture says more than a thousand words’, and I have nothing to add to these…

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Good Morning Shanghai!

The long weekend is over, and after a short visit to Holland, I am back in smoggy, smelly Shanghai. A bit more depressed than normally on Monday mornings. This mood goes away quickly with a nice big mug of steaming … Continue reading

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