The Shanghai Expo 2010 Logo

The logo for the Expo 2010 in Shanghai most of us have seen many times already. What I never could figure out is what it is supposed to symbolize.


I can figure out the numbers for the year 2010 with using some imagination. But what is that green stuff that rises up from it and looks like 3 undernourished ghosts?

Does it symbolize the foul smell and pollution? 3 toxic eels from Suzhou Creek that glow eerily in the dark? Streams of green phlegm?


About Stranded Mariner

Marine Engineer and passionate sailor and cruiser, working in the marine business in China.
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3 Responses to The Shanghai Expo 2010 Logo

  1. MyLaowai says:

    The ghosts of laowai’s past, who saw the city they built stolen from them by the Communists?

    Speaking of which, did you know that Jing An Park was a cemetary for dead priests and the like? I wish they’d put up a sign saying ‘No Chinese or Dogs (Unless Housetrained)’

  2. The local variety of spermatozoon, or zoosperm? Perhaps the colour should be yellow, given the source, but nay, pollution and the relentless pursuit of the greenback has taken its toil.

  3. rob says:

    It’s a re-interpretation of the Chinese character 世 meaning “world” and intending to look like some people.

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