Hiking in Anhui

Last weekend we went hiking in Anhui province, not far from the Yellow Mountains. The name of the trail is ‘Hui Hang Gu Dao’, which means literally ‘The Old Path’. From Shanghai it is about 7 – 8 hours driving, which makes it ideal for a long weekend. I just had bought a lot of new hiking and camping equipment in the past months, and this was an excellent opportunity to break it in.


It’s great to be away from the city and enjoy clean air, blue skies and silence. I will definitely be back here soon.


About Stranded Mariner

Marine Engineer and passionate sailor and cruiser, working in the marine business in China.
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6 Responses to Hiking in Anhui

  1. Ydo says:

    Hi, thanx for the info.
    any other good places in Anhui?
    is it very touristic?if you could elaborate on this trek and
    your travels in the area we’ll be very greatful 🙂


  2. There are some very touristic place in Anhui, like the Yellow mountains. Those I try to avoid. The trip we went on included quite a difficult hike on the first day. More than 6 hours all up. At the camping site there were only three small groups. The trips are organized out of Shanghai. Every weekend there is another location, but I can’t go every time.
    The trips and contact details are posted on a Chinese BBS. It’s in Chinese only, so you might need somebody to translate.
    This link is to the Anhui trip:

    And this one to the trip to Ninghai in Zhejiang province we did last weekend:

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