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Reconditioning of cylinder liners

After extended use, cylinder liners of both 4-stroke, and 2-stroke engines will show signs of wear and tear. This wear is not evenly distributed. Most of the wear occurs between the reversal points of the upper and lower piston rings. … Continue reading

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Why China is trying to colonise Africa

Interesting article by David Blair in the Telegraph of August 31. No one alive at the close of the 19th century could have missed the “scramble for Africa”. A motley collection of robber barons, imperialist ideologues, explorers, rogues and adventurers … Continue reading

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The first step.

An old saying goes: ‘Every journey begins with the first step’. Well, the first step in my Dix 43 project has been made today. I received the so called ‘Study pack’ from Dudley Dix Yacht Design in the mail today. … Continue reading

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