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The child acts up again

It is childish behaviour like his that often gives the civilized world the shits about China. Pissing off the US by not letting their fleet into Hong Kong for a scheduled visit on Thanksgiving is one thing, and just shows … Continue reading

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Dix 43 S/V ‘Waratah’

End of October I posted my last update about my Dix 43 project. At that stage I reluctantly had decided to have it built in Guangzhou, China. A part of me was never happy with this choice. Having lived here … Continue reading

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Ocean passage planning

A very useful maritime weather site is It’s a valuable tool to help sailors with their passage planning and weather routing. The site provides for every area the surface wind, surface barometric pressure, and wave height and direction forecasts. … Continue reading

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Don’t try this with plastic…

It could have been an advertisement for steel hull boats. This steel hull yacht was rammed by a freighter off the Canary Islands. The French crew of three were unharmed, and were able to jury-rig a mast and make it … Continue reading

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Marintec 2007, Shanghai.

From November 27 – 30 Shanghai will host the bi-annual Marintec exhibition again. The Marintec 2007 will be held in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Pudong. Since the first exhibition in 1981, the Marintec has been steadily growing. … Continue reading

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The long arm of Communist Control.

A good friend of mine has been married to a Chinese lady for many years. They used to live in Shanghai, and moved a few months ago to Bahrain. We are still regularly in touch by email, and this was … Continue reading

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Navy cat honoured by crew it helped to save.

The only cat ever to be awarded the “animals’ Victoria Cross” is to be remembered at a ceremony on Thursday. Royal Navy officers are paying tribute to Simon the cat, a rat-catcher on the frigate Amethyst which continued its duties … Continue reading

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Ancient sea travellers had heads in the clouds.

It is fascinating how the ancient Polynesians were able to navigate accurately over long distances, without compasses or clocks. I found the following interesting article in the Telegraph: A stone tool found on a remote Pacific island has provided evidence … Continue reading

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