Dix 43 S/V ‘Waratah’

End of October I posted my last update about my Dix 43 project. At that stage I reluctantly had decided to have it built in Guangzhou, China. A part of me was never happy with this choice. Having lived here for 14 years, I know that quality would always be a challenge. Another issue is the import duties and import VAT which are not exactly low in China. On a project of this size this is a serious amount of money, which I rather spend on first class equipment and outfitting.

So now, the boat will be built in Welkom in Free State. Welkom is about 290 km from Johannesburg on the way to Cape Town, and about 560 km from Durban. I am flying to South Africa for a week in December to discuss final details with Wynand and get everything started. Needless to say, I am very excited!

I also have a name for my boat. Her name will be ‘Waratah’, after the state flower of New South Wales.

About Stranded Mariner

Marine Engineer and passionate sailor and cruiser, working in the marine business in China.
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8 Responses to Dix 43 S/V ‘Waratah’

  1. Alex Ball says:

    I’m very excited about your project. I have just bought a Cape 40 Alan Mummery design steel hull. It still needs a rudder and some fairing of the hull. At this point I am looking for ways to get the kinks out without applying fillers. But, the rest of the boat still needs to be built and I’m very excited. You have an avid listener in me.
    Regards Alex Ball.

  2. Hello Alex,

    Thanks for your feedback. Nothing is more exciting than seeing your own boat take shape. Good luck with your Cape 40, and keep me informed about the progress.

    Fair winds!

  3. Gary Bajada says:

    Happy to be sharing the experience with you guys. I am building a Bruce Roberts design 44 footer. I had the steel laser cut off CAD files. Still assembling the frames at the moment.
    Very keen to see how you go with those kinks Alex. I am a boiler maker and I find a hammer, wedge and a little heat on the spot is occasionaly helpfull, depending on the size of the depression.
    Good luck SM with the Dix 43. I will also be watching.

  4. Gary,
    Thanks for your comments. It has been a while that I could post updates. The internet access is a bit of a challenge at times here in China.
    Good luck with your project! And keep us informed.
    If you send me some pictures and some text, I can make a post here about your boat.

  5. phil says:

    I am seeking free plans on how to build a steel sailboat
    for offsrore sailing around 27 feet lenth

  6. Willem van de Ven says:

    Just trawling the site. From memory the first Cape 40 was Cape Maria, sailed by Ron Cowling. A well found vessel that shrugged off a pitchpole event enroute to Tahiti.

  7. frank says:

    i am thinking of buying a mummery 33. can anyone give some advice.

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