Hull plating.

Another update on S/V ‘Waratah’. Most of the hull plating is in place now, with only the bow and transom to be finished before the final welding phase can start.

Meanwhile also the Yanmar engine has arrived in Cape Town. We have ordered the Balmar marine alternator for the house bank (24 VDC, 140A), main battery charger, and temperature sensors for batteries (for charge monitoring) and alternator from C-Dynamics, also in Cape Town.


C-Dynamics will also supply the main part of the electrical equipment, like battery monitor, converters and inverters, switch and fuse boards, batteries, insulation transformer etc.

We need the alternator to be fitted with the correct brackets and pulleys to the Yanmar engine, prior to shipment to Welkom.



About Stranded Mariner

Marine Engineer and passionate sailor and cruiser, working in the marine business in China.
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3 Responses to Hull plating.

  1. Wynand says:

    Actually Andreas, the transom only get cut back to its shape at this stage and only be fitted when she is turned over. However, the keel and rudder skeg get fitted before the fairing of plates start, and only then does the welding starts.

    Greetings from Welkom

  2. Dave Hurley says:

    Hi there,

    You seem very knowledgeable in boat building and wondered if you could help me out. Im planning on building a Bruce Roberts design steel sailing vessel. We are looking in the ranges of 36-45 FT. Im trying to find a low cost country to have the boat built in. My main concern is the hull, seeing as that will probably be the most expensive part of the construction. Ive heard that China has a low steel price relative to the rest of the world and of course labor would be cheaper than say the U.S. Would it be worthwhile to search out a builder in China for the construction? Is there another country that would be more cost benificial? Thank you for your help.

    Best Regards

  3. Dave,

    I live in China for almost 14 years now, and at first I had also considered building my boat in China. The problem in China is that there are hardly any boat builders that have experience with steel, at least at a quality level you would want for a yacht. There’s basically only one I know of, and that’s Seahorse Marine in Zhuhai. I contacted them, but they were fully booked. They are building the George Buehler designed ‘Diesel Ducks’.

    The two builders I contacted in Thailand, were either on a ‘get rich quick scheme’, or did not really understand the design, because their prices were way beyond my expectation / budget.

    I contacted a few steel boat builders in Australia and New Zealand, and their business must be booming, because none of them even bothered to answer my emails or return my calls.

    Wynand Nortje is building my boat now in South Africa, and I am glad I made that decision, even though it’s not exactly close to where I live, and I will have to make quite a few arrangements to get the boat finally to Asia.

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