Internal affairs.

A few pictures of the inside of ‘Waratah’s hull. The first 3 give a view towards the stern, the last one shows the base for the mast compression post.

In the next series of pictures, the first one shows a bush made of Vesconite. Vesconite is a sort of hard nylon, and ideal for water lubricated bearings. Unlike nylon it does not swell in water, which could cause binding, and it’s resistance to wear is 10 times that of bronze. We are going to use it on ‘Waratah’ for the propeller shaft bearings, and for the rudder bearings. It’s a coincidence that Vesconite is being manufactured in Virginia, Free State, South Africa. Only a few kilometers from Welkom, where ‘Waratah’ is being built.

The second picture shows the mast compression post. ‘Waratah’ will have a deck stepped mast, and the compression posts transfers the forces to the hull. The third picture shows the engine bed. Also visible in the picture are the tank tops of the fuel and water tanks. The last picture shows the sump. This is the lowest part of the bilge, and located in between the water tanks towards the bow, and the fuel tanks aft.

The next series of pictures shows the massive rudder and rudder stock. Note the square part on top of the shaft. This is where the emergency tiller will fit.

And last but not least two pictures of the engine on its foundation. It looks almost lost in this huge hull.


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