Windvane steering.

‘Waratah’ will have windvane steering. After having done quite a bit of research, I selected the Monitor windvane, manufactured by Scanmar in the US.

The Monitor works with the servo-pendulum principle. Actually Scanmar has a very informative web site, with a section that explains the principles of self steering very clearly.

A big advantage of Scanmar is that they already have thousands of drawings for different boat types on file. With what they already had on the Dix43, and our additional information, they made a custom drawing just for ‘Waratah’.

The parts arrived in October, but will only be fitted when ‘Waratah’ is in the water, and we can establish the exact loaded water line.

The pictures below show all the parts that are needed. I have a set of longer control lines, because of the center cockpit setup, and a wheel adapter which will be fitted on my steering wheel. The Monitor comes standard with two vanes, one for normal conditions, and an extra one for light winds. I also ordered a cruising spare parts kit, for wear and tear parts.

About Stranded Mariner

Marine Engineer and passionate sailor and cruiser, working in the marine business in China.
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