Fuel filters.

An important part of creating a reliable fuel system, is the choice of the right primary fuel filters. This is the first filter (or set of filters) we meet in the fuel system, going from the tank to the engine. On the engine itself is a second fuel filter, which is part of the engine assembly. The first filter has a mesh size of 10 micron, the second usually 2 – 5 micron.

On a seagoing vessel there is always a chance of getting sea water in the fuel tanks. Also changes between day and night temperature, can cause condensation of water in the fuel tanks, especially in places with high air humidity. Therefore a good fuel filter should also have water separating capabilities.

On ‘Waratah’ I am using two Racor filters in parallel. One is in use, and the other on stand-by. The filters can be isolated by a number of valves in the fuel system. In case of the filter in use getting clogged, I can change over to the stand-by filter without disrupting the fuel flow to the engine. The clogged filter cartridge can now easily be exchanged.

I also like the little manual priming pump on top of the filter assembly.

The first picture shows the 2 filter assemblies, the second a box with spare cartridges.


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Marine Engineer and passionate sailor and cruiser, working in the marine business in China.
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