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Who moved my cheese?

Seen in Hong Kong.

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China’s beautiful islands

It’s almost weekend, and I am in island mode and mood today. Found a nice site with beautiful pictures of China’s nature. These are the 10 most beautiful islands in China. Have a nice weekend!

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A growing travesty

From South China Morning Post, by Frank Ching. Ten years ago, China amended its constitution to include a new paragraph that says: “The People’s Republic of China governs the country according to law and makes it a socialist country under … Continue reading

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Another Dix43

Heads-up for another Dix43 project underway. Brian Russell is building an aluminium Dix43 in the pilothouse version. Here is his site and blog.

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Don’t you just love ’em?

Why is everything in this country about limitless greed nowadays? This depressing article is from the South China Morning Post. Authorities in Hubei province have punished a manager of a salvage company over an accident in which three college students … Continue reading

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Top Sailing Applications for the iPhone

I found this interesting quote from an article on today: How can an iPhone measure the speed of the wind? There are no moving parts! Well the makers of this software have obviously spent too many hours on conference … Continue reading

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Sailing CV

I found this interesting article on today: If you’re working towards an RYA or equivalent qualification, then you need to keep a log of all your miles, voyages, night hours, wind speeds , ports visited, boats sailed, trips as … Continue reading

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Deep thinkers

From The Guardian a very interesting article about dolphins, by Anuschka de Rohan. At the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Mississippi, Kelly the dolphin has built up quite a reputation. All the dolphins at the institute are trained to … Continue reading

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Update on ‘Waratah’

Well, what’s the news? Not much really. Waratah is still high and dry in Durban. The boat builder never answered my emails anymore, so the chances he will honour his contractual obligations are close to zero. I did not expect … Continue reading

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