Update on ‘Waratah’

Well, what’s the news? Not much really. Waratah is still high and dry in Durban. The boat builder never answered my emails anymore, so the chances he will honour his contractual obligations are close to zero. I did not expect otherwise; he left me in Durban without paying some of the suppliers, screwed me with the labour bills, and obviously used my money to fund his own business. Well, forget about it. Maybe I should have been more careful, but I trusted him, and in hindsight you stare a horse up it’s ass.

Taking him to court would be throwing good money after bad, which does not mean he is off the hook. Not at all. But for now that has a lower priority. And I have plenty of time.

Waratah will be finished of course, I only need the time to supervise the final works. The plan is to go to South Africa during Chinese New Year, take some extra annual leave, and get it all finished. I think I need about 2 – 3 weeks to get it all done, and do sea trials. I met some wonderful people in Durban, who will help me to finish what I started.

Next will be the passage from Durban to Phuket. One step at a time, but Waratah will sail next year.


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Marine Engineer and passionate sailor and cruiser, working in the marine business in China.
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5 Responses to Update on ‘Waratah’

  1. Man, that is such a disgrace that Wynand couldn’t honorably finish the job. I have enjoyed your posts about building the Dix 43 very much. In fact, I’m building an alloy version of the D43PH, using cutting files supplied by Alumar. I have all the frames set and am beginning to roll the stringers.
    I know that you will see Waratah through to the launch and after a few miles at sea all of the bad taste will be washed away. Good luck!


    • Yeah Brian,

      Highly disappointing, apart from the extra money it is going to cost me. I regarded him as a friend. Well he turned out to be just another crook.
      Never mind, I will finish Waratah next year, and I am looking forward to sail her.
      I wish you luck with your project. I was in contact with Alumar in the early stages. They seem to know what they are doing.


      • zeyang says:

        take a look at my project. im building a double ender alloy boat. plan to sail back to yantai,

        do you plan to sail from SA to china?

  2. zeyang says:

    (blog.sina.com.cn/gosailingba) was the link 🙂

    • Cool, I will have to come and see you once your boat is in Yantai. I am planning to go to SA over Chinese New Year and finish Waratah. The plan is to sail her to Phuket later next year.

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