Dairy shut again over tainted milk

Some crooks just don’t know when to stop. This article is from the South China Morning Post.

A Chinese dairy shut down during the 2008 tainted milk scandal has been closed again after tests found some of its products contained the same toxic chemical, state media reported yesterday.

Shanghai Panda Dairy was closed and three executives arrested on Thursday after an investigation found eight batches of its powdered milk and condensed milk had “illegally high” levels of melamine, the Shanghai Daily said.

Panda Dairy was put on a blacklist during the 2008 scandal after its products were found to have the second-highest levels of melamine in the nation, the report said. The now-bankrupt Sanlu Group had the highest.

Authorities allowed Panda Dairy to resume production after it promised to “lift its game”.

But the latest investigation revealed the dairy had reused contaminated condensed milk that was recalled from the market and also used “suspect raw material” for its milk powder, the report said.

Melamine, an industrial chemical, is added to milk products to give the appearance of a higher protein content.

In 2008, at least six infants died and nearly 300,000 were made sick by milk powder contaminated by melamine. Altogether 21 people have been convicted for their roles in that scandal. Two have been executed and former Sanlu boss Tian Wenhua was given life in prison.


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