When it comes to this ‘political correctness’ thing they have going in the US, it was sometimes funny, sometimes annoying so far. It seems now they have totally lost the plot there. This is the latest escapade. This Ana Kasparian biatch needs to get laid. Article from South China Morning Post.

Australians have been left puzzled by a row over a KFC advertisement branded racist in the United States.

The outcry led the fast food giant to pull the controversial Australian television advertisement, which depicts a white Australian cricket fan subduing boisterous black West Indian fans by sharing his fried chicken. The advertisement had run for three weeks in Australia without raising a ripple of complaint.

But when it spread via the internet to the US, some complained it played on a derogatory stereotype of black Americans. Minstrel shows, which portrayed demeaning caricatures of blacks in the 19th and early 20th centuries, often showed them eating fried chicken.

There is no such association in Australia.

“These people, they’re so unruly and uncivilised and so rowdy, jumping up and down,” US radio announcer Ana Kasparian said in her criticism. “They just can’t sit down unless you give them some … fried chicken.”

KFC, which is a sponsor of cricket in Australia, said the advertisement was meant to be “tongue-in-cheek”.

The controversy baffled many Australians. On Friday, the Melbourne’s The Age newspaper posted a survey online asking if the advertisement was racist. Of the more than 6,600 votes, 86 per cent selected “no”.

And yesterday, The Australian’s Rebecca Weisser penned a tongue-in-cheek piece mocking the suggestion that the ad proves Australia was a racist country.

Pointing to a comment posted on the online video by a user named “TrueUSMarine”, who wrote that all Australians were “morons” if they could not understand why the advertisement was considered racist, she wrote: “No sign of racism there.”


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