Windfinder iPhone app

I posted earlier on this blog about the Windfinder web site, useful for wind and weather reports.

As an iPhone user I am happy that there is now also an app for Windfinder. There are two versions, that both can be downloaded from the iTones app store. One version is free, the other costs USD 1.99. The only difference being that the free version has advertising, and the paid version not.


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4 Responses to Windfinder iPhone app

  1. Thanks for mentioning our Windfinder app! Since the current version (v1.1) there is also another difference between the free and the paid version: the paid version now also features the Superforecast, our high resolution hourly weather model (available in Europe, North America and Egypt).

    Have fun using our app!

    Best regards,


  2. Hello Jonas,

    Thanks for your comment. I use Windfinder a lot. I am impressed how you guys keep adding new locations (I usually see it on Twitter if there is a new location).
    Thanks also for mentioning the other difference between free and paid version. I did not know that.

    Keep up the good work!
    Best regards,


  3. Mark says:

    I tried the Windfinder app and it is nice to see the forecast. But I found the windAlert app way better for live readings. Especially with their push notification systems.

    – Mark

  4. Mark,

    thanks for the feedback! We have a lot of ideas coming for the next versions, this may also include push notifications. If you miss other features in the Windfinder app, just let us know, we are always open for feedback!

    If your favorite location is missing, you can add it here:

    Best regards,

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