In the water!

We had a few very busy weeks making everything ready for launch. Lots of electrical equipment and the batteries had to be installed, lots of rework had to be done, stainless steel work, painting of the deck etc. etc.

The engine controls had to be fitted and adjusted, the fuel system prepared (and we had plenty leaks there), anchor chain and anchors fitted, and all these other little things that, added up, takes ages. But the hard work, enthousiasm, and energy of Craig and his staff made for excellent progress.

On the day we would launch, the mast also had to be stepped. This is always better done in the water, with the hull equally loaded. The first attempt almost ended in desaster, because the boat builder had forgotten to fit the cotter pin that secures the propeller shaft in the coupling to the gear box.

Finally we were ready to go, and Waratah was in her natural element. I motored her around into the Durban Marina, where she will stay for the time being. A lot of work still has to be done to make her ready for sea.

About Stranded Mariner

Marine Engineer and passionate sailor and cruiser, working in the marine business in China.
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4 Responses to In the water!

  1. Philippe Gadeyne says:

    She is a beauty Andreas, do you have an ETA for sea trials?

  2. Brian Russell says:

    Waratah looks beautiful! I know it was a struggle at the end to get her launched, but it looks worthwhile! Have you sailed her yet? How does she handle? Is she still in SA or did you move her to Thailand? I would love to see some more pictures! We are doing well on the alloy pilothouse D43, trying to get 99% of the welding finished by summer.


    • Hi Brian,

      I was supposed to finish the last bits and pieces, and do the sea trials last year. Unfortunately due to medical problems of my youngest daughter this had to wait. I am looking at going back to Durban later this year to finish up and finally go sailing 🙂
      Great you are making good progress on your boat!

      Best regards!

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