Quotes of the day 44

‘We do not seek the destruction of Iraq. Nor do we seek to punish the Iraqi people for the decisions and policies of their leaders.’

– President George Bush Senior

‘We think the price is worth it…’

– US Ambassador Madeleine Albright, when asked if the deaths of half a million Iraqi children were a price worth paying for sanctions

‘They know we own their country…we dictate the way they live and talk. And that’s what’s great about America right now. It’s a good thing, especially when there’s a lot of oil out there we need.’

– Brigadier-General William Looney, US air force , director of the bombing of Iraq


About Stranded Mariner

Marine Engineer and passionate sailor and cruiser, working in the marine business in China.
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One Response to Quotes of the day 44

  1. Barista Uno says:

    The three quotations are the exact opposite of the stress-relievers that are the funny signs you posted previously.

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