The ‘Magellan’ tent

A heads-up for DE Maritime’s new tent. It has been designed for conditions in New Zealand and Australia. The name is ‘Magellan’.

The fly fabric is extremely waterproof 30D 280T Ripstop Nylon, coated silicone on one side, PU the other, pressure tested to 70+kPa waterproofness (the testing equipment maxed out at 70kPa with zero leakage (normally tents leak between 15 and 20kPa) and seam sealed. The Pantone colour is 15-5519TPX Turquoise. The inner is 68gsm 190T water-resistant breathable polyester, the mesh is no-see-um. The inner and fly can be erected together, or fly-only. The poles are red DAC Featherlite NSL and the guy lines are 1mm Spectra. YKK zips, gear loft, pockets, extra reinforcing, small stitching, and a light hook.

They normally ship with aluminium pegs, but they do have a very good source for a range of titanium pegs – They say there didn’t seem much point in saving a few grams of weight when the fly fabric wasn’t light, but they do have that option available. Spare patches of all fabrics included.

Bath-tub style floor, dimensions: 2300 x 1400 x 150mm with reinforced corners. Large, overhanging twin vestibules you can cook in, storm skirts on all the vents, and the vents can be closed down.

Please find attached some images of their tent (style name: ‘Magellan’). They show the tent itself, details of the storm vents (there are 4, 1 for each vent), the fly tensioners (again, 4), and one of the interior showing the gear loft and light hook.


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Marine Engineer and passionate sailor and cruiser, working in the marine business in China.
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4 Responses to The ‘Magellan’ tent

  1. Nice fabric for tent.It has so many advantages. I think it should be very costly.

  2. Interesting to note that why would anyone supply aluminium pegs with a tent, unless they were big and sturdy. I can just see them bending, but the tent itself looks awsome.

    • There is actually the choice between titanium and aluminium pegs. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The aluminium pegs with a triangular profile are actually quite sturdy.

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