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The death of Air Zimbabwe

Harare It flew profitably through 23 years of United Nations-imposed sanctions. It carried on without a blip after black nationalist guerillas shot down two of its Viscounts in the late 1970s, the last years of white-ruled Rhodesia. After independence in 1980, … Continue reading

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17 million RMB yacht sinks immediately after christening

Found on chinaSMACK, no comment:

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Blast at wealthy family’s fireworks show kills 20 – Blast at wealthy family’s fireworks show kills 20 via – Blast at wealthy family’s fireworks show kills 20. Another candidate for the Darwin awards.

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Expo 2010 censorship

Outside China practically nobody knows that this is the year of the world Expo in Shanghai. Outside of China, or actually more like outside of Shanghai, also practically nobody gives a sh1t. The U.S. initially was not even going to … Continue reading

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Lamma Island’s boulders now in concrete and paint.

From the South China Morning Post of today. A typical Hong Kong solution for something that isn’t a problem. Instead of being happy and proud about the beautiful nature on the outlying islands, some dimwit with nothing better to do … Continue reading

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When 2+2=10

Here’s some ‘mathematics with Chinese characteristics’ for you from South China Morning Post. The credibility of the mainland’s provincial GDP growth figures has come under scrutiny again after more than half of its provinces reported double-digit growth in the first … Continue reading

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The bet that went wrong.

From South China Morning Post: The central government and foreign banks are threatening legal action against each other in an escalating row over ballooning losses racked up by state-owned airlines which ran into the red on derivatives contracts. Air China, … Continue reading

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