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China could owe America one trillion dollars

Interesting story that not many people know:

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China’s shipyards on the brink

From South China Morning Post: Welder Zhang fires up his blowtorch and looks up at the towering, 8,800-tonne oil tanker that is likely to be his last job at Qiligang Shipbuilding. Barring a miracle, the 50-year-old will soon join the … Continue reading

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China is not ready to save the world

The following article is from today’s South China Morning Post: Andrew Sheng, a distinguished central banker and securities regulator, recently suggested in an article in the Post that China might be able to save the world for capitalism. It’s a … Continue reading

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China: Crunch Time

An interesting article about China’s economy on STRATFOR, by Peter Zeihan: The global system is undergoing profound change. Three powers — Germany, China and Iran — face challenges forcing them to refashion the way they interact with their regions and … Continue reading

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When 2+2=10

Here’s some ‘mathematics with Chinese characteristics’ for you from South China Morning Post. The credibility of the mainland’s provincial GDP growth figures has come under scrutiny again after more than half of its provinces reported double-digit growth in the first … Continue reading

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Crisis, what crisis?

Reading the media, it seems we are in a serious economical crisis. Not in Hong Kong though, where investment in the stock market horse racing reached new highs. This article is from the South China Morning Post. Top-quality day at … Continue reading

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China’s boom too good to last.

I have been saying this for years. The trees will not continue to grow into the sky. China will eventually price itself out of the market. It happened before with ‘cheap labour’ countries, and it will happen again. This article … Continue reading

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