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Marine Drone to clean the seas

An interesting idea to help keeping the oceans clean is the following: Marine Drone by Yanko Design.

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Pollution in China

A picture says more than 1000 words. These pictures by a Chinese photographer are shocking.

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Hainan fishermen arrested in Philippines

From South China Morning Post: Six fishermen from China have been arrested in western Philippine waters for catching endangered sea turtles, officials said on Sunday. The fishermen, from China’s southern island province of Hainan, were arrested on Friday in waters … Continue reading

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U.S. Shores Brace Themselves for Up to 20 Million Tons of Tsunami Debris | Maritime News | Maritime Executive Magazine

U.S. Shores Brace Themselves for Up to 20 Million Tons of Tsunami Debris | Maritime News | Maritime Executive Magazine.

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Clean Air at Sea

A heads-up for a new and interesting blog about maritime emission measurement and control, fuel consumption and performance monitoring, maritime emission regulations etc. Clean Air at Sea.

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Our plastic oceans

The pollution of our oceans with plastics has been reported repeatedly. Still I am every time shocked and sad at the same time, when I see footage as in the following video:

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Expo 2010 censorship

Outside China practically nobody knows that this is the year of the world Expo in Shanghai. Outside of China, or actually more like outside of Shanghai, also practically nobody gives a sh1t. The U.S. initially was not even going to … Continue reading

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Lamma Island’s boulders now in concrete and paint.

From the South China Morning Post of today. A typical Hong Kong solution for something that isn’t a problem. Instead of being happy and proud about the beautiful nature on the outlying islands, some dimwit with nothing better to do … Continue reading

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Copenhagen failure 2

Interesting article in The Guardian yesterday: ‘How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room’

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Copenhagen failure

Asked by the Observer who was to blame for blocking the introduction of controlled emissions, the director general of the Swedish environment protection agency, Lars-Erik Liljelund, replied: “China. China doesn’t like numbers.”

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China and climate change

The real reason why China seems to be reluctant to do anything significant to reduce their CO2 emissions, is that the government believes that China will benefit from warmer temperatures. And they point out the correlation between temperature changes, and … Continue reading

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The sea’s relentless advance on Shanghai

Rising sea levels and sinking land is not a good combination. Like many densely populated coastal areas, Shanghai will have to deal with the effects of climate change. This article is from South China Morning Post. Shanghai rose from the … Continue reading

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Never change a proven concept!

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Today I want to give a heads-up for OceansWatch, an organisation I recently joined, and which deserves to be promoted. I will provide below, unedited, some information on their organisation and goals. OceansWatch is a not-for-profit Trust with a rapidly … Continue reading

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How do you unrecycle something? By throwing it away again?

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