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China could owe America one trillion dollars

Interesting story that not many people know:

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A very interesting article from SINOSTAND, that busts a few popular myths. Chart: Comparing historical Chinese and foreign-inflicted deaths

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Charles Darwin

It’s his 203rd birthday today.

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Shanghai Masonic Hall

Yesterday I joined a group of about 20 brethren from Hong Kong masonic lodges on a visit to the old Masonic Hall on no. 1623 Beijing Road West in Shanghai. It was used as a masonic temple from 1931 on … Continue reading

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National Maritime Museum’s photostream

A beautiful collection of old maritime photographs:

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Lest we forget

Today it is 65 years ago that the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, followed 3 days later by another a-bomb on Nagasaki. Till the day of today people are still suffering from the consequences of radiation exposure, making … Continue reading

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‘Satellite’ navigation in the 18th century

Low-tech Magazine: Satellite navigation in the 18th century. Nice article about navigation in the time before GPS.

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