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Asia Times Online :: Our man in Moscow

Asia Times Online :: Our man in Moscow.

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Over the years I had a go at several online games, mainly because friends gave me a heads-up. Mostly I got bored after a while. Till I found EVE Online. It’s the coolest online game I have ever seen. A … Continue reading

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Business as usual

I have finally found a good VPN (again) that works consistently in China, so I am back in business and can finally access my blog again. Staying on the topic of the internet and the Great Firewall of China, I … Continue reading

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Man pays record $330,000 for a virtual space station

Found while surfing; this article from Mashable. Every time when you think you have seen it all… We’re not even sure what category to file this story under. We’re utterly baffled by this one. Earlier this year, the Crystal Palace … Continue reading

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New domain.

It took a while, and I was off the air for a few days, but my blog can be accessed now on it’s new domain:

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Animated Knots.

On one of the forums about cruising I frequent, I found the site Animated Knots. It’s the coolest site about knots I have ever seen. The contents of the site also can be purchased as a program, to run independent … Continue reading

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Engineering ToolBox

I stumbled upon this site called Engineering ToolBox. It’s an engineer’s treasure chest when it comes to find resources and information for engineering calculations. It helped me a lot with the design of systems on my boat.

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The long arm of Communist Control.

A good friend of mine has been married to a Chinese lady for many years. They used to live in Shanghai, and moved a few months ago to Bahrain. We are still regularly in touch by email, and this was … Continue reading

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Dear FutureMe

What if you could write yourself a letter, to be delivered in 1 year, 2 years, or 10 years time? A letter in which you could write down where you are, what you think you have achieved, or what has … Continue reading

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Chinese arrogance.

A friend of mine sent me this email, which does not need any comment: Just a warning about the Internet and China …… Our website was shutdown by China Telecom as ordered by the Chinese government until we signed a … Continue reading

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